An Excerpt from ‘Escaping the Lyme Inferno’

Read an excerpt from Eric Karlan's book, 'Escaping the Lyme Inferno', a collection of patient stories.

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I recently compiled and edited a collection of memoirs written by people suffering and recovering from Lyme disease titled Escaping the Lyme Inferno. The following excerpt is from a chapter titled “Call me Jason.”

I spent years waking up every morning–at home or hundreds of miles away at college–wondering how my mother would be suffering that day. It was like a portion of my mind and an unrelenting pit in my stomach were constantly devoted to worrying about what each day would bring to her, and in turn my family. When my mother regained most of her health, I cannot tell you how liberating it was for me to not have to stress out every time her number popped up on my cell phone or every time I saw her. Lyme disease is volatile, and the anxiety it induces afflicts everyone in a family. Every day is unpredictable, which makes every day unpredictable for the entire family.

Fortunately, for my family, the damage was not completely irreparable. Fortunately, discovering truths and developing a deeper understanding of the enemy brought us all closer together. It allowed us to more deeply respect one another–especially my mother, who turned out to be anything but a head case. Her clarity was her saving grace.

This is a plea to the disbelieving and disregarding, to those of you who dismiss the pain and fury of those who have been dismissed all too often. Listen to these stories. Listen to the stories around you.

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If someone you love has unexplained symptoms, if someone you love is being told they are crazy–even when they are acting crazy–they just might need a person who cares enough to help encourage them to challenge their status quo, to question the system. You can be that person. You can be the turning point in their lives, the inspiration and insight to begin down a road to recovery.

If you speak up, then maybe that person you love and the people around that person–and even you–can also escape their inferno.

Share these memoirs with others. Write your own. Speak up–for yourself and for others. Make your voice heard. If you save just one life, even if it is your own, then it is worth it.

-Hippocrates, C. 460-400 BC

Eric Karlan

Eric Karlan

Eric Karlan recently compiled and edited a collection of Lyme disease memoirs titled Escaping the Lyme Inferno. While studying journalism at the University of Pennsylvania, he also wrote articles on Lyme disease, inspired by numerous family members’ battles with Lyme. Eric is a co-founder and co-president of Ivy Experience, a college prep company, and a freelance writer.
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