Detox for Lyme Disease

Detoxing is a vital part of fighting Lyme Disease as well as aiding in relief from a herxheimer reaction (also known as die-off, release of endotoxins). When Lyme is killed the body must detox to remove the endotoxins that the spirochetes release. Detox is aiding elimination through the liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system, and skin.

Some Detox methods recommended for Lyme include:

–          Apple Cider Vinegar:

o   When the body is ill, its pH becomes acidic. Apple Cider Vinegar will help to alkalize the body to return to homeostasis.

o   How To Use: Add 2 teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar to water and drink.

o   Caution: Apple Cider Vinegar is an anti-fungal. If you are also dealing with a Candida infection, the use of apple cider vinegar may induce a herxheimer reaction rather than reduce.

–          Chlorella:

o   Chlorella binds to toxins and aides in prevention of reabsorption of the toxin in the digestive tract.

o   How To Use: Take on an empty stomach. Works best in combination with Cilantro.

–          Activated Charcoal:

o   Adheres to endotoxins responsible for herxheimer reactions.

o   How To Use: Consume within a few hours of a protocol. May be taken as a tablet, powder, or capsule.

–          Coffee Enema:

o   Stimulates production of glutathionone S-transferase (GST) in the liver. GST is a powerful enzyme that binds to, metabolizes, and removes toxic substances from the body.

o   How To Use: Strain 3 tablespoons of organic ground coffee and mix with room temperature water in enema bag. Administer into the rectum. Hold the coffee for 5-15 minutes, and then clear from the colon.

o   Caution: Do NOT hold the coffee for any longer than 15 minutes as it may be absorbed into the body at a greater concentration than desired; which can be unhealthy.

–          Colon Hydrotherapy aka Colonic or Colon Cleansing:

o   A type of procedure in which water, and sometimes herbs and probiotics, is injected into the rectum to remove unwanted components from the colon.

–          Epsom Salt Bath:

o   How To Use: Pour 2-4 cups of Epsom Salt into a warm bath (may also add Hydrogen Peroxide) and soak for 20-40 minutes. (May add ginger or pink sea salt to increase sweating).

o   Caution: Avoid too hot of water as it may have the opposite effect and cause die off by killing spirochetes.

o   The magnesium in the Epsom salt relaxes the muscles and the sulfur in the Epsom salt produces bile which transports toxins from the liver to the colon.

–          Dry Skin Brushing:

o   Stimulates lymphatic system

o   How To Use: Use a natural bristle brush to clear the pores. This is most commonly used before an Epsom Salt Bath.

–          Lemon Water:

o   Lemons cleanse the body of toxins.

o   How To Use: Squeeze 2 whole lemons in 1 cup water; sip over 30 minutes.

–          Lymphatic Drainage Massage:

o   Stimulates the lymph flow from the lymphatic system.

o   The lymphatic system is responsible for collecting toxins from cells; thus allowing the body to remove them through sweat, bowel movements, and urine.

o   How To Use: It is important to locate a lymph massage certified masseuse. These massages are recommended 2-4 times a month.

o   Caution: Avoid deep tissue or deep muscle massages because these may expel toxins from the tissue and leave you feeling worse for 1-2 days.

–          Vitamin C:

o   Helps the body produce glutathione.

o   How To Use: May be given via IV therapy.

–          Infrared Sauna:

o   Body rids of toxins through sweat.

o   How To Use: Recommended 2 times a week.

o   Caution: AVOID if you have heat intolerance, i.e. dysautonomia.

*** For those that have heat issues or prefer something easier, we highly recommend Charmed Far Infrared Mats. These are easier to use and portable. (15% of each mat bought through our link goes to Lyme research).

–          Light Exercise:

o   When the muscles contract, the lymphatic system is stimulated which transports toxins.

o   Sweating will expel toxins through the skin.

–          Bentonite Clay:

o   Very strong electrical negative charge, which helps bonds to the positive charge of toxins to help remove them from the skin and body.

o   Pulls hydrogen from the cells, allowing for oxygen.

o   How To Use: Two ways to utilize bentonite clay:

§  Mask: Mix with water and apply to face and arm pits

§  Detoxifying bath: Add ¼ cup of clay and lavender essential oil to bath water


If suffering from an acute herxheimer reaction, try one of these detox methods:

–          Epsom Salt Bath:

o   Discussed Above

–          Burbur Detox:

o   Cleanses the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, and blood.

o   How To Use: Sold as a tincture. Apply 10 drops of Burbur into 4 ounces of water. Wait one minute before consuming; repeat until herx has passed.

–          Milk Thistle:

o   Continuously cleanses the body of endotoxins.

o   How To Use: Capsule. Take as directed on bottle.

–          Cruciferous Vegetables:

o   Increases the detox activity of cells in the liver.

o   Examples of cruciferous vegetables include: kale, collard greens, cabbage.

o   How To Use: Steam Kale for 2 minutes or Collard Greens for 4 minutes to keep the living enzymes they contain alive. Then add Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Diced Avocado and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

o   Caution: These contain high levels of sulfer so be careful if you have a sulfur sensitivity or high levels of mercury.

–          Alka-Seltzer Gold:

o   Over the counter, antacid that will help alkalinize the body.

o   How To Use: Dissolve two tablets in a glass of water to drink. (May also be beneficial to add lemon juice).

Things To Remember:

–          Do NOT put toxins in.

o   Diet- i.e. organic foods, no alcohol, avoid sugar, etc.

–          Take a probiotic

o   Detoxifies digestive tract and promotes healthy gut flora.

–          Drink lots of water

o   Drink ½ body weight in ounces daily. This will help flush the kidneys.

–          Intake fiber.

o   3+ servings/day.

o   Binds to toxins and promotes regular bowel movements.

–          Avoid dairy

o   Dairy products are highly inflammatory

–          Deep Breathing

o   Releases gases from the lungs

o   At least 30 deep breaths a day

Detox is an essential part of Lyme Disease treatment. Here are some tricks, tips, and methods

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    I like the colon hydrotherapy the best. I get lots of colonics. It feels so nice afterwords, because it definitely gets a lot out of you. It’s especially useful if one has a lot of constipation problems like me.